No No Hair Removal Reviews - How Truthful Are They?

Published: 29th November 2011
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If you have been searching for a fabulous way to remove your unwanted body hair, you likely have been reading a few No No Hair Removal reviews. It's pretty clear that the results of the reviews posted online are mixed. Some people absolutely love their device and others claim it just doesn't work at all. So just which reviews are truthful, and does this device really work at all?

What Is This Product?

Before you can begin to sort through the truth factor of the various No No Hair Removal reviews posted online, you need to take a moment to learn what this device is. It looks like an electric razor, but it actually doesn't use a blade at all. Instead, it uses a beam of intense heat, which is designed to be both safe and comfortable, to burn your hairs off right at the level of the follicle. Some people say they can smell burned hair, and that is just the product working! As the heat hits the follicle, it stuns the follicle so growth is slowed down.

Will You Have to Keep Shaving?

Many No No Hair Removal reviews are negative because they look at the device as an equivalent to laser hair removal. The device is better than shaving and waxing because you don't have the hassles of shaving daily or the pain of waxing. It is also more affordable and doesn't come with the pain of laser hair removal. Many people, however, seem to think that this is a permanent hair loss solution. While hair growth will slow down significantly, you will still need to use the product from time to time. With each use, you will have to turn to hair removal means less and less, but the hair will eventually come back over time.

Why Are There Negative Reviews?

There are both positive and negative No No Hair Removal reviews, and it appears that most of the negative comments posted online about this product stem from confusion over what the device can do. You only have to take a quick look at the product's website and read the large wording that says, "Go Weeks Without Shaving, And Get Long Lasting Results," to see that there is no promise for permanent hair removal. Likewise, in order to get the results that allow you to go weeks between hair removal sessions, you often have to use the No No regularly for at least a few weeks. Results will vary from person to person, and a large factor that contributes to the different results is how thick your hair is as well as how quickly your hair grows naturally.

Are There Positive Reviews?

While you may have stumbled across a few negative No No Hair Removal reviews, which largely are written by people confused about what the product is actually intended to do, you may wonder if there are any positive reviews out there. Here are just a few:

"It's been two months now, and I shave much much less, and my skin is noticeably softer because of this."

- - Emma,

"After a few treatments I started to see a difference in the hair thickness and regrowth."

- - Hannah,

Trying It for Yourself

Because of the mixed No No Hair Removal reviews, it only makes sense that you would want to get to the bottom of what is going on here. You should take time to fully educate yourself about what this device can do by reviewing the website in detail. The website offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can absolutely try the product out for yourself and sort through all of the noise that the mixed reviews are creating.

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